Uniformly coated fertiliser granules

About Glaze

Ready to use Glaze Fertiliser Coating is applied directly to granular fertilizer. The uniformly coated fertiliser granules are dry and free flowing with enhanced dust suppression.

Each and every granule carries the same amount of micronutrient ensuring even and accurate distribution of micronutrient in the fertiliser band. Glaze micronutrient is available to each and every plant.

Common 1% Zinc blends of urea and zinc sulphate granules result in 1 granule of zinc to every 80 granules of urea with consequent uneven and inadequate distribution of zinc in the fertilizer band. Not all plants have access to the applied zinc which limits yield potential.


Application of Glaze Copper to Urea

Glaze Copper Continuous Coating


Glaze Copper, Glaze Zinc,Glaze Moly and Glaze Boron enable uniform copper, zinc, molybdenum and boron coating of granular urea for even and accurate one-pass application of zinc, copper, molybdenum and boron when pre-drilling or side-dressing summer crops.

Glaze Zinc coating of compound zinc or starter zinc fertilizer uniformly increases zinc when more is needed. Ensuring that the increased zinc is applied evenly in the fertiliser band and available to all plants.

Glaze Copper, Glaze Zinc, Glaze Moly and Glaze Boron applied to MAP or fertiliser blends can customise a uniform application rate of micronutrients at planting.

Glaze Copper, Glaze Zinc,Glaze Moly and Glaze Boron can be applied to single superphosphate, MAP, DAP, MicroEssentials ZS, urea, MOP, SOA and NPK compounds that do not contain nitrates.