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NORDOX 750WG COPPER FUNGICIDE containing 750g/Kg Copper (Cu) present as cuprous oxide is imported and distributed in Australia by Tanuki Pty Ltd.

NORDOX 750WG COPPER FUNGICIDE is manufactured within strict certified standards and high quality parameters by NORDOX AS in Oslo, Norway and distributed world wide.

Effective fungal and bacterial disease control of a wide range of plant pathogens is delivered in a unique easy to use wettable granule with low risk of phytotoxicity.


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IMO - Certification for Organic Farming

IMO – certification for Organic Farming IMO, based in Switzerland, is a well renowned international agency for inspection, certification and quality assurance of eco-friendly products.

Their world-wide activities are accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) according to EN 45011 (ISO 65), which is the international standard for certification. IMO inspectors have visited NORDOX in Oslo were they have inspected our factory as well as going through our routines, management systems and documentation before the certificates were issued.



The Organic Materials Review Institute provides certifiers, growers, manufacturers and suppliers an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing.

OMRI is based in USA and is working as a national organisation. With the OMRI Generic Materials List and OMRI Brand Name Product List, OMRI provides guidance on the suitability of material inputs under the USDA National Organic Program standards.


NORDOX is IMO certified according to the following 3 standards:

  • Regulation (EEC) N° 2092/91 (EU regulation)

  • USDA, AMS 7 CFR Part 205,  National Organic Program, Final Rule (also called NOP)
  • Japanese JAS Law (Law Concerning Standardization and Proper Labelling of Agricultural and Forestry Products, Law No. 175.)

For more information visit www.imo.ch


NORDOX 750 WG is a highly concentrated quality formulation with low use rates.


Unique dust free hollow spherical granules are easy to handle and disperse.


Dust free NORDOX 750 WG.


Dusty WG formulation.



Scanning electron microscope picture of hollow spherical NORDOX 750 WG granules. The  granules are approximately 200um in diameter  and are composed of micronised cuprous oxide particles with a median size of 1um.


Tanuki "Copper Hopper" allows the accurate measurement of small quantities of NORDOX 750WG and Verno FG from product supplied in 1mt blk bags. 



NORDOX 750 WG pours and handles like a liquid and can be measured by volume. 1 KG occupies 560 ml.


NORDOX 750WG Copper Fungicide


Mode of action of copper fungicides

Copper fungicides must be applied evenly to the plant surface prior to infection to prevent disease development. They prevent infection by killing bacteria and preventing fungal spores from germinating.
Copper will not control a fungal disease once established. Applied copper stays where it is deposited and does not spread to any great extent across plant surfaces.

 Effective disease control depends on complete coverage and strong retention over all plant surfaces.

Management Systems, Quality and Environment

Management Systems, Quality and Environment ISO 9001. Nordox system for
quality Management was implemented according to ISO 9001 in 1993. In 2008 the company was certified according to the Quality Standard: ISO 9001:2008.
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Management Systems Quality and Environment ISO 14001.                        Nordox Environmental Management System is certified according to the Environmental Standard: ISO 14001:2004 (April 2006).
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The manufacturing plant operates with a closed circuit system for its process water. There is no emission other than clean steam. Fumes and dusts are filtered and are within the environmental standards.

Cuprous oxide is a well-proven active ingredient in antifouling paints and agricultural fungicides and is widely accepted as environmentally sound. Copper is an essential trace element in all living organisms – animal and plant – and thus a standard ingredient in mineral supplements for animal feeds and fertilizers. However, due to its use as a fungicide and antifouling treatment, regulatory authorities require full documentation as to its effect on health and environment. NORDOX participates in international working groups to respond to such requirements.


Particle size is the key to effective disease control and retention on plant surfaces.

The smaller the particle size, the greater the number of particles per gram, resulting in greater fungicidal and bactericidal activity. Smaller particles have a significantly greater surface area available per gram of product. This allows a greater release of copper ions when moisture is present and superior coverage and retention on plant surfaces.

Research has demonstrated that the efficacy of a copper fungicide is considerably improved by reducing particle size. Smaller particles resist dislodgement because they are lighter and have a larger surface area relative to their weight. This greater surface area in contact with the plant gives greater adhesion.

The high initial losses caused by rain and wind arise from the rapid and complete loss of large particles. The remaining residue consists of the smaller particles. NORDOX 750 WG has more smaller particles that deliver superior retention and efficacy.


The larger particles in the hydroxide and oxychloride are rapidly lost after a small amount of rainfall.


 % CuMedian Size (Microns) 
NORDOX 750 WG 75 <1.0 Red
Hydroxide 35 - 50 2.5-4.5+ Blue / White
Oxychloride 50 - 52 1.8 - 5+ Green / White
Bordeaux 25 3.1 - 6.4+ Blue
Tribasic CuSO4 19 <1.0 Blue
Tribasic CuSO4 20 3.0 Blue
Range in particle size %
0 - 0.75 15
0.75 - 1.0 40
1 - 2 30
2 - 3 10
3 - 5 5


Water pH and copper solubility

Most copper fungicides are formulated to have low solubility in water at pH 7.0. As pH decreases copper solubility increases and more copper ions are generated.

If the spray water is too acidic (below pH 6) and depending on the solubility of the copper formulation, excessive amounts of copper ions can be generated resulting in phytotoxicity.

Formulation and solubility

Hydroxides are more soluble than oxychlorides, which are more soluble than tribasic copper sulphates which are more soluble than cuprous oxide. Less soluble formulations are more persistent and safer on fruit and foliage.

Solubility reactions for NORDOX:

  • A: 2 Cu2O + 2H2O = 4Cu+ + 4OH-
    Relatively slow reaction providing Cu+ to pathogens
  • B: 4Cu+ + O2 + 4H+ = 4Cu2+ + 2H2O
    Quick reaction providing Cu++ to pathogens
  • A+B: 2Cu2O(s) + O2(g) + 4H + = 4Cu2+ + 4OH-



NORDOX 750 WG is formulated to have low solubility at pH 7.0 providing high crop safety.