Raven Stabilised Biochar is a soil amendment for use in agriculture and amenity horticulture.

Biochar is derived from biomass via thermal decomposition. By controlling the thermal decomposition process under pyrolytic conditions along with carefully selected biomass feedstocks, stabilised biochar is produced.

Raven is made in Toowoomba, Queensland and Whitton, NSW using Pyrocal’s continuous carbonisation technology.

Clean feedstock such as agricultural process and forestry residues are used to make Raven.


  • Assists with optimising water use efficiency. This is achieved by improving soil water holding capacity and infiltration rates.
  • Provides a habitat for beneficial micro organisms.
  • Helps improve soil fertility by adding cation exchange capacity.
  • Raven is a fixed source of carbon.

Examples of Suitable Uses

  • Composting aid
  • Urban tree planting
  • Potting mixes and growing media
  • Carrier for microbes and crop nutrients.

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