An effective way to apply micronutrients

Verno is available in Copper, Zinc and Manganese formulations

  • Crop safety, compatibility and persistence.
  • Continued nutrient availability over time.
  • Suitable for a wide range of crop types.
  • Verno Copper, Verno Zinc and Verno Copper + Zinc are OMRI certified for organic production.











Verno is formulated as uniform, micro granules that are easy to measure. These granules disperse rapidly in water. When added to water, the result is a fine suspension of microscopic, one micron particles that can be used for foliar or in-furrow/pop-up soil application.

Verno is manufactured within strict certified standards and high quality parameters by NORDOX AS in Oslo, Norway and distributed world wide.

Verno is used to correct micronutrient deficiencies and provide micronutrient nutrition for improved yield and quality in the following crops:


Verno products are formulated to have limited solubility at pH 7.0 or higher. This results in low levels of Cu2+Zn2+ and Mn2+ ions generated in the spray tank.

Low levels of soluble ions in the spray tank reduce phytotoxic risk and improve compatibility. Plant surfaces are slightly acidic, due to plant exudates which are weak organic acids. These act with surface moisture from transpiration to release copper, zinc and manganese ions that are available for uptake by plants. This process occurs constantly, with a low level of copper, zinc and manganese ions being released and available for uptake, for the duration of crop growth.

Oxides and carbonates are less soluble than 100% soluble nitrate and sulphate forms but will persist on plant surfaces for longer. They do not wash off or rapidly complex to unavailable forms like the more soluble products. Soluble products are only available for uptake for hours or days after application and rely on immediate uptake.

Multiple low rate applications of Verno are a valuable addition when used in conjunction with existing micronutrient programmes, continuously enhancing the availability of copper, zinc and manganese nutrients throughout the growth of the crop.


Verno particles on the plant surface.



The particles in Verno are micronised to a median size of  1 micron.

The micronised particles are then formulated into the unique, dust free, hollow sperical, Verno granules that are around 200 microns in diameter.

Verno granules are formulated to rapidly and completely disperse when added to a large volume of water in the spray tank with agitation. Small micronised particles provide a large surface area for the release of nutrient ions :

  • Cu+
  • Cu2+
  • Zn2+
  • Mn2+

Micronised particles persist on plant surfaces, strongly resisting dislodgement by rain, irrigation or wind. This persistence provides plants with a continuous source of available micronutrient ions throughout the growth of the crop.


Verno has unique, dust free, hollow sperical granules that are easy to handle and disperse.


Dust free Verno granules pour and handle like a liquid and can be easily measured by volume.
675ml of Verno weighs 1 kg


Rapid dispersion means clean, easy mixing and wide range compatibliity.


Verno crop safety - spray solution pH 

Verno is formulated to have low solubility in water at pH 7.0. As pH decreases solubility increases more ions are generated.

If the spray solution is too acidic (below pH 6) excessive amounts of micronutrient ions can be generated resulting in phytotoxic damage to the plant.

There is a strong relationship between the uptake of copper, zinc and manganese in plants.

Verno is formulated to have low solubility at pH 7 providing high crop safety and compatibility.